Seventh Sun Becomes Tampa Bay’s Newest Brewery

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Dunedin—Justin Stange has a lot to be proud of.  Justin has been a successful brewer with Sweetwater Brewing Company of Atlanta and recently Cigar City Brewing in Tampa.  In the same vein as his former employer, Cigar City, Stange recently lighted out on his own path.  Stange went from Tampa like a miner for the Yukon on a mission to make great beer.  Luckily for Tampa Bay beer enthusiasts, Justin did not go very far.  Stange found a small storefront in Dunedin and made a small brewery out of it with his partner and girlfriend, Devon Kreps.  He may or may not have realized at the time that converting the space into a brewery involved pouring the bar out of cement himself.  Seventh Sun’s Facebook page displays numerous photos of what Devon and Justin had to do to open the facility.  The construction and personal labor show exactly what two people will do to make and serve their own beer.  Justin may actually redefine the moniker “small brewery” in Seventh Sun’s cozy home, but he wants to focus his creativity on the beer.

After tasting his pale ale and bottled offerings at the Cajun Café on the Bayou Festival, Justin is certainly a brewer whose work has a lot of merit.

Justin and Devon will formally open Seventh Sun tonight, December 2nd, from 5pm until midnight and will maintain hours from 5pm until midnight Wednesday through Friday and noon until midnight Saturday and Sunday.  Beer will be pouring from ten hand-blown glass tap handles that a friend of the brewery made, and more beer will be available in bottles.  The brewery and bar is located at 1012 Broadway in Dunedin.  The bar will be cash only when it opens.  For more information, see Seventh Sun’s Facebook page.

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