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Profiled for by Ye Olde Scribe

Urine colored. Hey, give your body a rest: allow it to do less processing. No need in changing the color this time! Looks the same coming out as it does going in.

The head is pure rock and ruddy near ¾ of the glass. If foam be a dance, a waltz beer Scribe supposes. Nice and clear. Hops and malt strike the mouth. Ouch! That hurt! Nah, mildly pleasant. That’s the problem: mildly. A fresh hop beer should be more striking than this. A sharp, Centennial sense with bitter but, where’s the fresh green taste? Might as well just call it an IPA and be done with it. Not bad at all for that. Smells like it tastes: some hop and some malt. Could use complexity in the malt profile. A bit of hop fruity sense in the background. Orange?

Overall not bad at all. Very enjoyable, in fact. But those who have bathed in a real fresh hop pool will be mildly disappointed.

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