Holiday Beer Profile

Profiled by Ken Carman for Professor Goodales

Shiner Holiday Cheer
Shiner, TX

Honest, I have never been all that impressed with Shiner beer. To me Shiner was just another yawn fest mega brewer wanna be… until now. Peaches in the aroma and a slight nutty sense. Obvious: that is what makes this a “holiday” beer. Peaches and pecans. Nut brown, clarity excellent: white head… plenty, rocky. Peaches and slight nut to the taste with a slight sense of very light dark malt. The mouthfeel is light, yet the peaches and the nut make the mouthfeel very interesting. Very fresh sense too.

Promo material I have read claims this is a dark wheat ale. Could fool me: I got little to almost no wheat sense. That might be a downer for wheat beer fans, but not being a wheat beer fan tis fine with me. And they don’t advertise it that way on tha packaging, at least not in very large print. Being an aging ole fo, the usual eyesight problems that come with thast, I might have missed the fine print.

Tis quite the light amber ale quaff, but enjoyable.  If I were to drink this at a party I’d use this to relax with between the heavier beer that I refuse to give up any time of year, but especially this time of year, and have a few of these. I give this brew a lot of credit because it is exactly as advertised. While I prefer heavier Christmas fare, give it a try. Me thinks you’ll like.

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