Boston’s Mayor Menino Disses Colorado Craft Beer Ahead Of Broncos Patriots Game

(Gee, who would ever think a politician might say something both ignorant and rather stupid?- The Professor)

Written by Ryan Grenoble for

The one thing most Coloradans really behind more than the Denver Broncos? Craft beer. And unlike the hit-or-miss Broncos, Colorado’s craft beer industry is always a hit. One can only imagine the indignation, then, when Boston’s Mayor Tom “Mumbles” Menino yesterday uttered “The Beer Diss Heard ‘Round The World.” In an interview, Menino told the Boston Globe:

I mean, you know, Colorado beer? It hasn’t even made it east yet. Sam Adams has made it to the west and Harpoon has made it out there, but Colorado Rocky beer? Uck..

The quote comes on the heels of wagering between Denver’s Mayor Hancock and Menino over the outcome of Saturday’s playoff game between the Broncos and Patriots. So far as smack-talking goes, Menino is either completely uninformed, or according to the Denver Post’s head honcho Greg Moore:

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