Beer Profile: Widmer Brothers Pitch Black IPA

Profiled by Ken Carman for

Centennial? Nose is grapefruit and if not Centennial, various grapefruity hops. NICE nose. Some malt but way in background in the nose. Pure white pillow foam but some slight rock: long lasting; even in the small 4oz at best glass. Black with ruby highlights and clarity good.

Mouthfeel: grass and dark malt. A bit of an almost acidic tang to the roof of the mouth. Body moderate range.

Here’s the problem: the hopping. As far as I know: not fresh hop, but even if it is they’re usually not this “grassy.” The grass dominates and becomes a bit harsh. Could also be described as grapefruit rind-y. Too long of a boil on the hops may have added a bit too much astringency. After a couple small glasses the hops became annoying.

I love fresh hops, so either way there was a problem here and it didn’t taste like old, or infected, beer.

I have had few beers from Widmer that don’t have some stylistic problem. This is no change, unfortunately. But, if you don’t mind an over abundance of less than desirable grass sense that seems not all that fresh hoppy? Go for it.

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