Beer Profile: Oude Boon Geuze

Profiled by Ken Carman for

I have had this before and been impressed. I understand that most quaffers won’t recognize this as “beer,” but to me Geuze… or “Gueuze…” can be the fine wine of beer: at least the lightest of wines. Highly carbonated with a carbonic, yet slightly acidic tingle. Hazy, medium yellow with a big rocky head that fades fast. Malts background and pilsner-ish.

Nose and taste is horse blanket and rhubarb: mostly rhubarb. For my palate the more horse blanket/barnyard renditions of the style are not all that pleasurable: though certainly suited to the style. This has just the right balance: especially for those who may hesitate when they read “barnyard” or “horse blanket” in style guidelines. No hops noticed, but not expected. With this type of Belgian or Flemish (about the same, but not quite.) beer it’s all about the yeast. If anyone thinks yeast simply produces alcohol they need to be introduced to Geuze and Sours.

Slight heavy to moderately heavy mouthfeel. Nice sour tang. If you want to offer a unique experience in beer world to your less experienced friends, this is it.

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