Senators To Enjoy 6 NY Craft Beers, Thanks To Schumer’s Super Bowl Wager

Written by Jen Chung for

Senator Charles Schumer, everyone’s favorite press conference convener and rainmaker, really loves NY State’s beers, starting an “I Love NY Brew” campaign. So it makes sense that his Super Bowl bet with New England Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) involved six NY craft beers. Now that the Giants have proven victorious, Shaheen will be buying NY beer for the whole Senate!


Here’s how the bet went: With a Patriots win, Schumer would have bought beer from New Hampshire’s Smuttynose Brewery to give to fellow Senators. But if the Giants won—and THEY DID—Shaheen would buy beer from Brooklyn Brewery, Blue Point Brewing Company, Saranac Matt Brewing Company, Captain Lawrence Brewing Company, Ithaca Beer Company, and Brown’s Brewing Company.

Today Schumer Tweeted, “Looking forward to every Senator getting a taste of NY’s finest craft brew. Thanks @SenatorShaheen! #SuperBowl #ILoveNYBrew” AndBrooklyn Brewery had a bet going with Harpoon Brewery—now that the Giants have won, Harpoon “will pour Brooklyn Lager in their tasting room and their brewery tour staff will wear Giants jerseys for a week this winter.” Ouch.

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