Beerjobber “Spreads the Love” with Launch of the First and Only Online Brewery-Fresh Craft Beer Market in Time for Valentine’s Day

For the first time ever, consumers can discover and purchase brewery-fresh craft beer online and have it shipped from the brewery to their doorstep – or to the doorstep of someone they love.

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PHILADELPHIA, Feb. 9, 2012 – /PRNewswire/ — Beerjobber (, the first and only online craft beer market to deliver brewery-fresh craft beer straight to the consumer’s door, today announced that its site will launch to the public on February 13th – just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Beerjobber focuses on providing craft beer lovers with convenient access to quality craft beer from around the country. The Company carefully selects the breweries it works with, focusing on brewers that offer excellent, unique brews its members will enjoy. Currently, Beerjobber works with more than 30 hand-selected breweries, and is continuing to expand its brewer relationships and beer selection.

“Beerjobber is a first, and we’re very excited about opening our doors to the public in time for Valentine’s Day in support of those who truly love and enjoy craft beer,” said Sean Nevins, President of Beerjobber. “As a new company, we’re committed to featuring all varieties of craft breweries seeking to reach an expanded audience, as well as exposing craft beer lovers to new tastes. We are continually seeking out new brewery partners and encourage consumers to reach out and let us know what breweries they’d like to see on our site.”

As part of the Company’s “Spread the Love” launch celebration, Beerjobber will feature special Valentine’s Day brews, including:


  • Voodoo Love Child, Voodoo Brewery (Meadville, PA)
  • Rowhouse Red, Philadelphia Brewing Company (Philadelphia, PA)
  • Organic Chocolate Stout, Bison Brewing (Berkeley, CA)


In addition, members will be able to purchase a case of beer as a gift, and can opt to have the recipient receive a Valentine-themed email letting them know that a case of brewery-fresh beer is on its way.

In preparation for launch, Beerjobber recently completed a successful three-month beta where limited consumer access was available via a code-based system. During the beta test period, Beerjobber registered more than 2,000 users, representing all fifty states, and shipped beer to twenty states across the nation.

With the official launch on February 13th, all consumers over age 21 can take advantage of the unique market, including finding new beers and old favorites, connecting with other craft beer lovers, and sending beer to themselves or as a gift to friends and loved ones residing in any of the 38 states (and the District of Columbia) that Beerjobber is licensed to ship to. Beerjobber’s market is automatically customized for each member based on individual tastes and preferences. Members may also search for beers based on a variety of criteria, as well as browse beers by brewer.

Consumers interested in accessing the site can register to join at

About BeerjobberBeerjobber is the first and only online market of its kind, offering brewery-fresh beer delivered straight to a consumer’s door, directly from the brewery, at the peak of freshness and taste. The site is designed to help make it easy to find, browse, learn about, discover, and order beers from American brewers passionate about their craft. For more information,


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