Which Beer Pong Table is Best for a College Party?

Floating beer pong table

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Written by Robert Lobitz forprofessorgoodales.net

Professional beer pong table

Beer pong is among the most popular games at college parties all over the world. While you may have decided that you’re definitely playing the game at your party, the difficult thing is trying to choose the best beer pong table for the party. You have to think about how many tables you need, the size of the venue, how many people are attending the party and many other factors besides.

Drinking beer is something that we all do at parties, and college parties are things that most students anticipate and enjoy, particularly for that reason. Playing beer pong is an added extra that makes the party even better. When choosing the table, think about which material will be the best for the occasion.

Aluminum beer pong tables are possibly the cheapest ones to buy. If you have a budget or don’t think you’ll use the table much after this one party, you might want a cheap and cheerful option. However, these type of tables usually create a slighter lower and slower bounce, which may decrease the quality of the games.

If you’re just playing beer pong at a party, a plastic table could be the ideal thing. They are known to have a slightly higher bounce, but they are much more durable than metal tables, which means that it’ll last longer and you’ll be able to use it over and over again. Many people have reported that they don’t notice the higher bounce when playing the game.

Finally, an inflatable beer pong table is perfect if you want something extraordinary, more fun and unique. You can play the famous game of beer pong in a pool, which is ideal for summer time. This gives everybody the chance to jump in the pool and have a good time.

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