Beer Man: This Magic Hat Imperial Pilsner is Truly Regal

Written by By Todd Haefer for The (Appleton, Wis.) Post-Crescent

Magic Hat’s latest entry in its limited-edition Humdinger series lives up to that name.

Many times, breweries simply double the amount of hops in a beer and slap the “Imperial” designation on the label. That is lazy brewing. Sometimes, though, you get a beer like Over the Pils that “imperializes” each characteristic of a style to create a winner.

First off, kudos to Magic Hat for resisting the urge to use a piney, grapefruity American hop variety, like some Imperial pilsners I’ve sampled. If I want that type of beer, there are hundreds of American IPAs to choose from. If I want an Imperial pilsner, I want to taste lots of grassy, citrusy German-style hops.

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