Beer Profile: Pliney the Elder

Profiled by Ken Carman for

Citrus hops up front in the nose with tons of head, mostly pillow. SRM 2-3. Nice clarity. Head holds.

I had this years ago, and this may even be a very old bottle, but the flowery: rose, yet citrusy: grapefruit, hops are upfront… as they should be. Was not impressed before, am now so far. Guessing when I had it before my nose, my senses, were not quite as trained. Or… that was the “old bottle?”

Mouthfeel: slightly hop astringent, yet a bit hop sweet, slightly caramelized with firm, light medium, body. Carbonation light, yet just right. More would mask all the rest.

Taste: even into after taste sweetish hops and firm body without malt specific character: I’m guessing some Pilsner malt was used. Nice hop profile with perfect balance: I recommend. Grapefruit-like hop pop follows into taste with just a hint of astringency, as if some of the grapefruit rind was used. Of course: not, it’s the hops.

One site lists this as a “Double IPA.” More just a damn good IPA.

This beer has become a legend. I have heard different homebrewers, craft beer lovers and brew professionals rant on the holiness of this quaff. Honestly? I’m much closer to respecting that assessment than I was before.

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