Beer Man: Gaffel Kolsch is Oh, So True to the Reinheitsgebot

Written by Todd Haefer for The (Appleton, Wis.) Post-Crescent. Image courtesy

Gaffel Kolsch is another of a number of fantastic European beers that receive short shrift from many liquor stores and taverns, which instead offer inferior mass-produced ones that are not much better than their American counterparts.

A dirty secret of Germany and the neighboring countries that follow its lead is that, despite current laws based on the traditional Reinheitsgebot that state only water, barley, hops and yeast can be used in a beer (some exceptions, such as for wheat), it usually only applies to beer sold in the country it’s made in.

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  1. I brought this to my beer tastings this summer. I knew a true Kolsch has to be has to be from a few select breweries in Cologne area of Germany. Many brewers in America brew what the call a “Kolsch,” but if this one beer is any indication… any I’ve had so far are but an OK attempt. Water chemistry is what it’s about and I have a feeling just throwing in minerals may NOT be the same thing as the water naturally being that way.

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