Beer Profile: Dundee English Ale

Profiled by Ken Carman for

Pillow head, nice clarity. About a 2srm. Bubbles on side of glass and head holds for a while. Light pale malt in background.

The aroma is floral and citrus: a bit hoppy and American for English Ale. Cascade-ish.

What “English Ale” is this supposed to be?

Mouthfeel is light with light caramel cling and hint of hops at best.

Taste: if this were supposed to be an Ordinary Bitter it might be closer: most English Pales I’ve had have more malt complexity and I am getting some diacetyl in the background: a bit more than expected if this is an Ordinary.

Dundee comes out of a brewery in Rochester that uses several brands when selling nationally. I have yet to have anything from there all that impressive. This is better than most, but still could be a lot better, and I get the sense the palate of the brewer needs a little training when assessing how on style mark-wise he/she is. If you’re going to do “English,” do ENGLISH. You know: Fuggles? Kent? Could be more malty sense.

Honest, I didn’t know about the Cascade until after it was scheduled and The Professor let me add this note. I just guessed from the aroma, and missed the Columbus. So why would they do this in an “English?” If I had to guess the real intent here is a light beer to compete for American tastes with a hint of Brit for beer geeks. If that’s the intent, fine, but “English” is a bit off.

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