How to Tell a Craft Beer Lover

From Basic Brewing Radio

From listener Steven Crosby in Las Vegas:

10 tips for spotting a craft beer/homebrew drinker:

10. Is the only person drinking beer out of a pint glass at a party.
9. Is constantly explaining the difference between an ale and a lager to people that don’t care.
8. Can usually be found sipping something the color of motor oil out of a goblet….very slowly.
7. Laughs when a beer commercial claims its beer is “triple hopped”.
6. Will take 10 minutes to explain to a bartender how to pour a beer.
5. Often sniffing the contents of their glass with a satisfying “…ahhhh!”.
4. Approves of “Born on dates” but only on a Barleywine or a mead.
3. At least half of their t-shirts have beer logos on them.
2. Is always trying to explain why their homebrew tastes “bitter” to their “plain beer” friends.
1. Has a beer bottle opener on their keychain.

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