Free Beer!!!

These are my beer tastings I run every year in the Central Adirondacks. Below the “more” feature you’ll see a picture of one of the entrances to Beaver River. Will post more in a week or two, when this ad is reposted…

Three FREEBeer Tastings!

Beaver River Station, New York and Stillwater, NY

Have a remote Adirondack adventure WITH beer! Beaver River: a town with no roads going to it, is on the eastern edge of Stillwater reservoir, a few miles past Big Moose, NY. Every year Certified BJCP judge and homebrewer, Ken Carman, offers plenty of free beer and interesting information about styles of beer for beer lovers and the beer curious. These are not your average quaffs. Ken collects VERY weird beers. And during the first beer tasting Salt City Home Brewers will be there: homebrew club out of Syracuse, NY. Homebrewers LOVE to discuss beer and, if you want to more learn about homebrewing, you’re in luck! Imagine all this in an idyllic, remote, Adirondack setting: two of the tastings in a town with no roads going to it!

When and Where?

First date: August 25th. Salt City Homebrewers (of Syracuse) will be there with Ken, behind the Thompson family’s Norridgewock in Beaver River Station. Need to do one of the other tastings? Ask Ken: he’s been brewing since 1979, when Jimmy Carter made it legal.

Sept. 1st: in front of,one of the last, classic, Adirondack hotels: Beaver River Lodge,

September 22nd, Stillwater Hotel, Stillwater, NY.

All tastings: 2pm, except Stillwater, which will start @ High Noon. The ghost of Gary Cooper will NOT be there, nor the ghosts of the Earps, a last name that sounds a tad like what you do after drinking beer.

How do I get there, what if I need to stay over?

Well, on the first two dates the Norridgewock Riverboat leaves at 12:30, and you get a tour of the lake too! Return: 3:30. Tasting begins at 2 in Beaver River, plenty of time, (Tasting starts at 12 in Stillwater 9/22.) You could use your boat or take a boat taxi. Walk in from Twitchell Lake. Norridgewock, Stillwater Hotel and Beaver River Lodge all have rooms. Directions to Stillwater, where your beer adventure begins: from Lowville take the Number 4 Road, then right on to Stillwater Rd, From Big Moose: Big Moose turns into a dirt road. Keep going. At the “T” take a right. Stillwater Hotel on the left about ½ a mile. Going to Beaver River? Please call and make arrangements from there in advance. And PLEASE don’t just keep driving past Still water Hotel. Cars don’t swim.

Unless you have a working Amphicar, then lucky (???) you. Note: better bring a Brit mechanic with you just in case.

Want to know more? Looking for contact numbers? The bear you asked was lost too?

Beaver River Lodge @ 315 376 3010 Stillwater Hotel @ 315 378 6470

Norridgewock @ 315 376 6200 Ken Carman @ 315 376 6625


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