Beer Profile: The Breury, Trade Winds, Belgian Tripel with Thai Basil

Profiled by Ken Carman for

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Pepper-y taste up front: probably yeast/basil driven. Malt in the background, softly singing of a pale/pilsener mix. Hint of the white candy sugar driven, tad higher alcohol-like abv that the candy sugar tends to create. Rice is in here somewhere. A bit cloudy, some gold in an otherwise yellow quaff’ with plenty of head and foam: as expected. Mouthfeel a cross between spicy and creamy that slips easily down to the stomach. This is not a beer I’d want to do for a whole night, and I’d certainly share the bottle with someone It could get annoying after a while.

The body is moderate to almost light in the body and any malt sense stays way in the background. No hops sensed, but none expected.
I recommend for “something different.” It’s well brewed, and a nice spin off the style.

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