Crooked Stave is Brewing in Denver and Readying a Separate Barrel Cellar

Written by Johnathan Shikes for

Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project, the one-man brewery that primarily makes wild and sour ales, has officially moved its barrel-aging and fermenting to north Denver and plans to announce a plan for where it will brew beers sometime in August.

Brewery owner Chad Yakobson has been planning the move for quite a while, but has been taking his time to work out the details. Crooked Stave had been doing all of its brewing and fermenting at Funkwerks Brewing in Fort Collins since its inception in 2011.

The Crooked Stave barrel cellar, at 1441 West 46th Avenue, Unit 19, is also where Yakobson hopes to open a tasting room at some point soon.

In the meantime, Yakobson recently brewed a sixty-barrel batch of Saison Vieille Artisanal, a new, lower-alcohol beer, at Prost Brewing (opening August 26) in Denver, which has some excess capacity because of its enormous, seventy-barrel brewing system.

He also plans to brew beer at another, as-yet-unnamed, Denver brewery down the road, according to his Facebook page.

Yakobson has been hesitant to release details about where he is brewing and when the barrel room will be ready for public functions, but he said in a recent newsletter that he has spent “a lot of long nights painting and working to get the current spot up to Crooked Stave standards.”

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