Beer Profile: Unibroue’s Quelque Chose

Profiled by Ken Carman for

I’m going to have to do this from memory since I tasted it right in the middle of a big beer tasting I was doing: 30 beers.

On first sip I tilted my head and went, “Wow!” You know I’m impressed when I do that. The cherry was up front, tad sour and an odd oaky sense, thought the bottle doesn’t indicated it’s been oaked. The brown ale/dark ale base is firm, yet background. Mouthfeel: cherry, some carbonation… light on the palate… some dark malt but very very subtle.

Appearance nice deep ruby highlighted brown with a creamy, small head. Quite the complex nose: it’s been almost a week and the tart cherry nose lingers in the glass, even some of the brown malt sense.

Very easy to drink and you’d never know it’s 8%.

I recommend for those who can appreciate a blended Kriek-ish brown ale with light carbonation. Those looking for more spritzy, cold, typical American beer of the unenlightened masses should probably just buy another six of Bud.

I pity you for what you’re missing.

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