Best Craft Beers Chosen at Grovetoberfest

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Over 6000 people came to this year’s Grovetoberfest, the craft beer festival held in Peacock Park in Coconut Grove. The festival this year, was held Saturday, October 13, where over 200 craft beers including several new releases were served to the thirsty crowd.

Beer enthusiasts also helped choose the best beers. guests from all over the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and Norway voted for their “Fan Favorite” in three categories: American Craft Beer, Best Import and Wild Card. In addition, a separate competition took place at The Homebrew Pavilion where over 75 home brews were submitted for a chance to win in a variety of categories.

“We’re particularly pleased with this year’s event. We not only had incredible beers to sample, but we had a great crowd who love and know their beer. In addition, this year, we ran a national sweepstakes that granted a winner from Chicago the chance to “Live Like a Miami VIP” for the weekend. We also had great sponsors and world-class chefs doing what they do best at the Kitchen Lab; people flocked to hear their beer pairing secrets,” said Tony Albelo, event organizer. In addition, Albelo says that this year people were passionate about voting. In fact, those who ran out of wooden tokens, decided to vote by forgoing their VIP tickets, which would have entitled them to a souvenir beer glass. “We found several VIP ticket stubs in the voting boxes,” said Albelo, “Clearly, beer fans wanted to make their votes count!”

The winners of this year’s Grovetoberfest “Fan Favorites” and “Miami’s Best Homebrew Competition” are as follows:

1. Best American Craft Beer: Samuel Adams ® Octoberfest
2. Best Import: Staropramen
3. Wild Card Fox Barrel Blackberry Pear

1. Best of Show: Miami Weiss
2. Gasolina Category
(10% + ABV, alcohol by volume): Danny Morales “Blood of the Uruk Hai”
3. Hop Forward Category: Zach Bush “Great Blue Yonder Oaked Pale Ale
4. Malt Forward Category: Mark Free “Double Black Diamond”
5. Balanced Category: Elijah Auger “Miami Weiss”

Winners have bragging rights and will receive a Grovetoberfest plaque to proudly display their title. In addition, the winners of the Homebrew Competition will get to see their brew being served at a restaurant or pub for the rest of the year. Any proceeds from the purchase of a Homebrew winner’s beer will go towards the charity of their choice.

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