Beer Profile: Southern Tier Pumking

Profiled by Ken Carman for

If this really is “imperial,” as claimed, it is well hidden.

This is probably one of the best pumpkin ales I have ever had. You have a great background of caramelized malt: in nose, mouthfeel and taste, although taste is more malt, nose is more spice, mouthfeel the slick sense of pumpkin essence. Spice is allspice-like, ginger, cinnamon: all you would expect. The balance is damn near perfect.

Nice head, mostly pillow. Color: 2-3 srm. Clarity: a light gold. excellent. Mouthfeel: a chewy pumpkin, I suspect they used some real pumpkin, though my guess is not tons. It can really screw up a mash.

Dominant spice: ginger and nutmeg.

Mouthfeel: sweet, spicy/pumpkin pie with caramelized malt giving very solid support.
There’s a sweet aftertaste that could be cloying, but they backed off enough to avoid. Hint of slick, but not diacetyl: pumpkin.

What’s nice about this is they went overboard with nothing. the hit the balance just right.

All I can say is: buy this damn beer.

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