Beer Profile: Tenfidy by Oscar Blue


Profiled by Ken Carman for

Damn this is expensive.

Damn this is good.

Obsidian black with no light shining through. Head fades so fast hard to assess… perhaps pillow with a hint of rock. Second pour held. Soft, delightful, pillow upon the mustache head. Held longer 2nd time. Off the srm chart. Light carbonation supports a thick, luscious, dark malt dominated viscosity. If there’s any black patent in here just enough. The alcohol is obvious, but not intrusive. Full body, but carbonation on lighter side of medium.

Deep, dark, malt nose with a hint of sweet. Sweet, dark, malt dominated taste. Not lactose, but hint of to the taste in sweet. 10% plus, but not that alcoholic for that. Some molasses-like sense.

This is a substantial beverage. Almost after dinner-ish. Very rich, deep malt sense.

Very respectful.

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