Thanksgiving Beer Profile #1: Bridgeport Hop Harvest

Staying home for the day, Ken Carman agreed to do two beer profiles while waiting for the turkey’s goose to be cooked

Profiled by Ken Carman for

Tons of rocky head that settles into a pillow, this beer is light on the srm scale: probably close to a 2. Clarity is excellent. The distinct lager yeast: ala’ hint of sulfur, is dominant with hop background, grassy. Somewhat of a DMS nose.

The bitter is somewhat harsh, but that may be exacerbated by the slight sulfur lager taste.

Mouthfeel light malt, at best, probably pilsner. Slight harshness. A bit slick.

I am guessing this is not Cascade-ish like hops, and the hops, fresh, are not all that pleasant. This goes to drinkability. A compliment: the 8 plus abv is not all that noticeable, but why would I want to drink this? It’s close to an attempt at a kick your ass lawnmower beer that will give your taste buds a chop with the blades, and not in an all that nice way.

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