New Film About History of Beer in Brooklyn

Rheingold worker watches thousands of gallons of foaming beer gush onto the floor of the plant went down the sewer as company officials prepared to close the 119-year-old brewery in 1974. width=
Courtesy Robert Walker/Robert Walker/The New YorkTImes

Written by Mark Morales for The New York Daily News

A new documentary is taking Brooklyn back to it’s beer brewing roots.

The 50-minute film “Brewed in Brooklyn” gives beer history buffs a crash course in Brooklyn’s boozy past, from the first brewery that opened in the 1800’s all the way to present day home brews.

“At one time [Brooklyn] was the beer capitol of the United States, if not the world,” said filmmaker John Weber, 55. “It went from having roughly 50 breweries at the turn of the century to zero in 1977. It just seemed like such a great story to tell.”

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