Grand Canyon Hop Bomber IPA: Get Flavor-Bombed


Written by Zachary Fowle for


Beer: Hop Bomber India Pale Ale
Brewery: Grand Canyon Brewing Co.
Style: American IPA
ABV: 7.5 percent

One of my major complaints about Arizona’s breweries is that they seem afraid to innovate. For all the different breweries in the state, the consumer still has very few Belgian ales to choose from — and not a single sour. Novelty is rare, so when a brewery does come out with something new and interesting, I applaud it.

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This week’s acclamation goes out to the Flavor Bomb, an invention from Grand Canyon Brewing Co. in Williams, Ariz. Sent to shelves in December, these tiny plastic vessels are made to be stuffed with additional ingredients — wood chips, cocoa nibs, hops — and added to a bottle of beer before capping.

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