Pabst Seeks Court Determination Wresting Back Control of Rheingold Brand

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Miss Rheingold
Miss Rheingold
There’s big money in an established brand.  That goes double for any established beer brand with a history, low price point, and no small amount of subtle marketing.  The right combinations can result in a scheme to mint liquid gold.

There’s an untapped goldmine of long lost lagers.  Brands with breweries that were shut down but whose intellectual property and capital got bought up or mothballed until some enterprising company looking to cash in on nostalgia or a vintage, perhaps even a craft appeal, or all of them, decides to revive the brand or expand it.  (e.g., The recent national push by MillerCoors to bring Henry Weinhard’s to the country.)

Enter Rheingold Beer (or rather, “re-enter”).

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  1. If drawn from real life, why do I get the feeling she drinks little beer? Had the original Rheingold. Other than being excessively attenuated/dry, no different than any of the light swill that was 99% of beer back then. Not impressive, IMO. But very little was. You were stuck with Bocks that still had adjuncts and hopefully a little more malts, and some dark beers than were mostly food coloring… but better than Miller, Bud. A dark: relatively tasteless, time in America brew history, IMO.

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