30 Great IPAs to Drink Before You Die

Above to the right: Omnipollo Nebuchadnezzar
Above: Omnipollo Nebuchadnezzar
It’s safe to say that no beer style has defined the American craft beer revolution as assertively as the India Pale Ale. The history of the style and its development is the U.S. is well-worth investigating for those who want to explore it—from the use of hops as preservatives to help beers keep on the long journey from Britain to the colonies many centuries ago (hence the name), to pioneering American experiments like Vinnie Cilurzo’s Blind Pig IPA and, later, the use of continuous hopping by Dogfish Head’s Sam Calagione. It’s modern development has been all about attitude: When the stateside microbrew scene first started to get attention, hoppy beers were a bold and assertive middle finger to the status quo, separating craft beer from the light lagers that dominated the market and giving new brewers a much needed point of view.

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