Everything Sold At The Yankees’ New “Craft Beer” Stand Is Owned By MillerCoors, And Half Of Them Aren’t Actually Beers

I do not say this lightly: beer snobs might be the worst people in the world. But not even they deserve to be locked in Yankee Stadium for four hours, with the only unconventional option being this dinky and confused beer stand with four drinks on tap, all behemoth-brewed by the MillerCoors conglomerate.

Amanda Rykoff was the only person who went to Yankees opening day yesterday, and she discovered something new for 2013. The “Craft Beer Destination,” which isn’t just a way to part fans from their $12(!) for middle-shelf, mass-produced beers: it’s a destination. For Blue Moon and Batch 19 lager, the only beers it sells. Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy is at least made with beer, while Crispin Cider is pretty obviously not.

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