The Growler Saver

Every once in a while the professor comes across a product that makes him violate his “don’t give free advertising” rule. This one seems worth it…

What is a Growler Saver?

The Growler Saver is a Patent Pending cap that will ensure a draft-like beer pour out of a growler, even after breaking a growler’s original seal and opening it numerous times. Until I developed this cutting-edge industry-first design, draft beer stored in a growler could not retain its optimum freshness and the brewer’s intended carbonation levels, especially after the growler’s original seal was broken. Now, thanks to the Growler Saver, beer drinkers no longer have to consume an entire growler once they open it for the first time, or otherwise risk their beer tasting old, under carbonated, or full of off-flavors. With the Growler Saver, beer drinkers can open their growlers again and again, with the confidence that the beer inside will taste just as good as it did when it left the tap.
The Growler Saverâ„¢

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