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“IBU. You not be Scribe. Drinking beer is better than a case of hives.”

Written by Ye Olde Scribe

Males unite! You have been banned! Hunted! Slaughtered! And far worse… IGNORED! Those female: male hating, snards now far too often have dominated the beer world!

No. This has nothing to do with MEN. Well, except men like BEER.

Little know fact: since the female is used for hopping, male hop plants have been banned many times throughout history… as have hops themselves.

Here are a few LINKS regarding hops.

Here are a few LINKS regarding hops.

Here are a few LINKS regarding hops.

Scribe thinks he repeated himself… repeated himself… re…

Editorial Time

Written by Joyce Lovelace

This will be an occasional feature here at The Professor’s site, often featuring guest writers.

Blame this question on too many hot, humid, sleepless nights and the erratic mind of a post-menopausal woman. This is a question about people in general and is not meant as a personal attack so please excuse the acerbic tone.

Why do we disdain people’s tastes in wine and beer but not other beverages? For instance I’ve never heard anyone say, “OMG you drink Grape Nehi?! That stuff is swill! Only Fanta is worth drinking! Only idiot neophytes drink Nehi!”

Now I am speaking of disdain for the person who likes it. A review of the beverage itself is fair game. If a person is reviewing a beverage they have every right to say that, to them, Tropicana Grapefruit Juice tastes like potato peels drenched in battery acid. But why put down the folks who like it?

I don’t recall running into this with hard liquor though maybe it’s there too.

It’s kind of like art, and I know that brewing beer or wine is an art, but darn it I like poker playing dogs! And yes Kincaid too, though I understand his personality is something awful, but then couldn’t that be said of some of the Great Masters too? I don’t think Pollack won any miss congeniality contests.

Would we have had the same blather over the “beer summit” if it hadn’t been beer? The President had a glass of Florida orange juice, Mr. Crowley had Maxwell house coffee (black, 2 sugars), Mr. Gates had Earl Gray tea with lemon and VP Biden had chocolate milk and cookies. OK yes – the media carnival would have had to make a production out of it.

Anyway -just askin- now I’ll go have a cup of organic coffee with local goat’s milk and stevia for sweetener – and yes dammit it’s instant coffee!

Message From Mr. Adams (No, not “Sam!”)

Music City Brewers: Nashville, TN area; but looking for judges all over; especially BJCP

Hello Judges,

We need your help. The 14th annual Music City Brew-Off is rapidly approaching and we are in need of as many judges as we can get to come out. I want to thank all of you that have judged at our competition in the past. Without your help our past competitions would not have been a success. I would like to extend this invitation out to all of you that can make it to our event. This year is going to be a blast. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you have. Iím attaching the competition announcement. For more details and registration go to:

Tom Gentry is our judge coordinator this year. Iím copying him on this email

Look forward to judging with you all,

Johnathan Adams

Now For the Beer Geek Who Has EVERYTHING

Image courtesy of
Image courtesy of

Site says…

“Made with Pilsner Urquell Czech Beer, Olive Oil, Palm Kernel Oil, Sunflower Oil, Castor Oil, Unrefined Shea Butter, Unrefined Cocoa Butter, Fragrance Oil an Charcoal.”

Note from Captain Pat

Escambia Bay Brewers, Pensacola, FL area


Sunday, September 6th (Labor Day Weekend) is the “Anything Floats race at the beach. Let me know if you plan to go. Are you gonna watch or race? It’s at the Boardwalk in back of Bamboo Willies. I plan to take the world famous “Chuggerboat” (see attached picture) which is te defending champ. I will have some beer aboard to entice some of you to volunteer to row. The race starts at 2:00pm but I will be at Bamboo Willies by noon with the beer and boat.

Pat Johnson

Brew Biz: Werts and All

Written by Ken Carman

Big Bob’s Barleywine Bash Pensacola Beach, Florida

(Part of The Emerald Coast Beer Fest. Usually the second weekend in September, or the one after Labor Day. Expect a report and pictures.)

I really, really, really recommend, if you go to the Emerald Coast Beer Festival, that on Saturday you slip back to your room and doze off for a while. It’s up to you.

But after the night before and sampling so many brews by micros and brewpubs…

A Saturday drenched in corny kegs of beer from homebrewers all across the Southeast….

Participating in beach contests where bungee cords are tied to you as you try to rescue a beer, toss a keg… all over pristine white sand in the summer heat….

You’re going to miss it, you know you are…

You don’t want to miss Big Bob’s Barleywine Bash.

Somewhere, about 10 at night, the mischievous barleywine gremlins come out. Come on, you’ve seen the movie. “Don’t feed them…” Well, Big Bob feeds them anyway and I should know: I help him.

Every year at the end of one of the best parties on the planet we all bring big beers: defined as anything 10% or over. And every year the crowd has grown. The first year Millie and I attended we had perhaps ten hardy souls. Last year there must have been damn near forty or fifty.

Big Bob, the name applies quite well: though short still… um, BIG, and a Santa twinkle in his eye, if Santa delivered Bigfoot and Foghorn on his sleigh. None for the reindeer please! One year they had to clean up the elfin road kill.

This man is my hero. I’ve been a big beer fan since I first found out that I liked beer because it didn’t all look, and taste, like what comes out after drinking it, only with… fizz.

The affair starts with Big Bob shirts you either purchase, or bring an adequate amount of big beer to please my hero so he might, I repeat might, let you slide into one for free. Some people cross themselves during such holy events. I prefer Bob’s method: he just spills some beer on his shirt to honor the sacred ceremony.

I brought about 10. Don’t know how many others brought, but we must have had at least one 22 oz. per person, or more.

One year the hotel tried to kick us out after an hour. They would have had better luck trying to pet a rabid gremlin while feeding it rotted Brussels sprouts. They haven’t tried since. Of course our club: Escambia Bay Brewers; Millie and I are members there too, spend so much money there and brighten the place up… hopefully they haven’t missed the lampshades we both wore… I think they have decided, “Bravo!”

As the night continues into morning the crowd thins, in a somewhat staggering manner, but the most vicious gremlins are there to the last. Perhaps to honor Gremlins II we should dance to “NY, NY” next year?

Some of us are honored with the royal order of the Barleywine by the priest/minister/head Gizmo, Mr. Bob. I think next year may be my year.

I can’t wait.