Another Quote: John Palmer

John Palmer will be speaking at the competition run by Music City Brewers in October. Here’s another quote…

“Some brewing books advocate the addition of brewing salts to the brewpot to imitate the water of a famous brewing region, like the Burton region of Britain. While some salts can be added to extract-based brews to improve the flavor profile, salts are more properly used to adjust the pH of the mash for all-grain brewing. Water chemistry is fairly complex and adding salts is usually not necessary for extract brewing. Most municipal water is fine for brewing with extract and does not need adjustment. So, if you are brewing from an extract recipe that calls for the addition of gypsum or Burton salts, do not add it. The proper amount of a salt to add to your water depends on the mineral amounts already present and the brewer who published the recipe probably had entirely different water than you do. You may end up ruining the taste of the beer by adding too much. Just leave it out; you probably won’t miss it.”

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Ye Olde Scribe Presents: Navigating Tasteless Presidential Beer

A note from Professor Good Ales: Because of content this post has also been posted elsewhere at LTS.

If only hed get off his DUFF and order a REAL beer.
"If only he'd get off his DUFF and order a REAL beer."

Written by Ye Olde Scribe

(Scribe is simply providing a convenient pun and admits to having never tasted Duff, which apparently is a real product inspired by the fictional Duff. But he does dedicate this column to Duffman style politics being practiced in the White House on the day this was posted.)

Scribe longs for an Arrogant Bastard President. No, not Saint Junior, may he rest in peace.

Not dead yet?

After choking on a pretzel and the transportation device accident, Scribe is surprised. Well… enough of that SEGWAY.

No, Scribe is referring to an actual beer made by Stone Brewing.
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Brewer Profile: Phil Kane

Written by Ken Carman

Brewer profiles include both homebrewers and brewers who work for “the man,” or “the woman,” or the… nevermind! This edition we have our first homebrewer profile.


When I first met Phil Kane I was glad to recognize his first achievement: a homebrewer crazier than me. I mean that with affection. It was during a pub crawl. We were at a former micro and brewpub in Nashville called Market Street and he was already there wearing a big butt. I’m not kidding. Our annual Music City Brewers competition was being held near Halloween, so naturally Phil came in costume… and wore it on the crawl.

For years he was affectionally known in the club as, “Ass Man,” and that’s not sarcasm. Phil is quite loved here in Nashville. Just don’t tell Jody his wife.


But he also earned my respect because he likes to brew odd/weird beers like I do.

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