Devils Backbone Brewing Company

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With an arsenal of awards on par with some of America’s oldest and most respected craft breweries, Devils Backbone Brewing Company (DBBC) has made quite a name for itself in its short existence. Founder and Owner Steve Crandall and the DBBC crew have won more medals at the Great American Beer Festival and the World Beer Cup than any other brewery in Virginia and the Mid-Atlantic region combined in its two-year history!

To add a little icing to the cake, in 2010, DBBC also took home the coveted award of World Beer Cup Champion Brewery and Brewmaster Small Brewpub—after just one year of production, producing 800 barrels annually.
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Freaks, Monsters & Sour Beer this Halloween Weekend

Once again, while this is local to San Fran it does reflect celebration of the season as it relates to beer-The Professor

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Have you spent months creating a costume, but still need a place to go this Halloween weekend? Here’s a selection of parties at Bay Area breweries and bars that include freaks, costume contests and most importantly, craft beer.

Friday, October 28

MONSTERS OF ROCK Halloween Festival
4:00pm – 9:00pm, Speakeasy Ales & Lagers,1195 Evans, San Francisco. (map)

Costume contest, food from the Fogcutter food truck, $3 beers and live music from Midnight Chaser, Hell Ship and Fear the Fiasco. Free entry.

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The Halloweek in Beer: Plenty to Do and Drink


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While this is primarily a local story, it does feature some interesting beers and a seasonal flair- The Professor

I know your fear because I’ve shared it, too. But this Halloween, I can assure you it’s going to be all right. We are not going to run out of beer, not even close. Just one look at your abundant Halloweek in Beer ought to put any horror you feel to rest. Have a safe and happy Halloween, and I’ll see you… on the other side.

Friday, October 28

>> The new Cucurbita Smiles Pumpkin Lager will be pouring from the taps of Wolverine State Brewing, 2019 W. Stadium, when the doors open at noon. Two things you may notice right away that differentiate it from other pumpkin beers you may have tried: First, it’s a lager instead of the usual ale. Second, it’s “spiced” a little differently, with brown sugar and rum-soaked vanilla beans. My impression was an unusual dry and woody taste — not in a bad way but an unexpected way. It’s different enough that you may enjoy this beer even if you normally stay away from pumpkin beers.
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Want Ice Cream? Beer? How About Both?

(Cleveland County, North Carolina)

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You want beer. You want ice cream.

Why not have both?

The fall is filled with craft beers brewed with cloves, nutmeg, brown sugar and other traditional flavors of the season. Combine one of these tasty brews with two or three scoops of premium vanilla ice cream – or better yet, one of the quality pumpkin ice creams that you can find in the freezer section of the grocery store this time of year – and you’ve got a beer float reminiscent of a pumpkin pie.
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It’s Beer, People: Grassroots Group Mobilizes Craft Beer Consumers to Speak Out in Austin

The board members of Open the Taps at the Bay Area Mashtronauts’ annual competition, Lunar Rendezbrew.
test4Open the Taps 

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To force political change, you need either big money or a big voice.

Where the Texas beer industry is concerned, big money has the biggest voice. But one group of craft beer consumers, Open the Taps, is gaining ground and hopes to bring about a shift of power in Austin.
Craft beer is no longer a fledgling industry in the United States, but here in Texas, state laws protect big beer distributors and make it difficult for smaller breweries to be successful.

For example, a brewery can sell its beer from a restaurant or distribute beer to bars and retail outlets, but not both. That’s why you can’t bring home a six pack after the St. Arnold’s brewery tour.

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Beer Industry Looks to Rebuild ‘Brand Beer’

The Professor posts this because everything but the last paragraph indicate how clueless big beer execs, and especially the writer, seem to be. They should have led with that last paragraph and done more analysis. Anyone dare to think they’re simply not quenching more educated palates these days?- The Professor

Distributors Seek Solutions in Vegas Amid Slumping Sales Trends, Aggressive Competition From Spirits

Stuck in a multi-year slump that shows no sign of lifting, beer industry leaders have blamed everything from the economy and weather to anti-smoking laws in bars. But one top executive is bluntly suggesting that industry itself is the problem for failing to out-market the spirits category.

MillerCoors CEO Tom Long
“The days of beer guys knocking each other around and not worrying too much about spirits and wine is over, and it’s frankly been over for a long time,” MillerCoors CEO Tom Long said in a forceful speech to hundreds of beer distributors gathered this week in Las Vegas for a meeting of the National Beer Wholesalers Association. “And if we’re going to thrive long term, then we’re going to have to look at those competitors and as an industry take on the challenge of brand beer. Make no mistake: our success over the next five years depends on that.”

The last three years have been brutal. In the 52 weeks ending in late August, the number of beer cases sold in stores was down 1.5% from the year earlier, according to Nielsen, while spirit volume sales were up 3.2% in the year ending in mid-September. By year’s end, experts are forecasting beer volume to be down some 2%. That would mark the third year in a row of a decline, which hasn’t happened in 50 years, Beer Marketers Insights President Benj Steinman noted in a presentation to distributors, who met at Caesars Palace for their annual convention and trade show. “If we have yet another year of 2% decline, it will be a lost decade,” he said. “We’ll be back to where we were 10 years ago.”
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