Written by Franz Hofer for A Tempest in a Tankard

So many great beers and breweries, so little time. It’s no wonder cities like Augsburg get overlooked when you could easily spend an entire vacation sampling the liquid delights of Munich or Bamberg. But not only is Augsburg worth visiting for its cathedrals and cobblestoned lanes, it’s also a beer town rich in history. And you can make it there from Munich in as much time as it takes to reach beer pilgrimage sites like Kloster Andechs.

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Female Brewing Pioneers and Innovators Talk Gender Equality in Craft Brewing

Ahead of International Women’s Day, and to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment, nine pioneering and innovative women in craft beer gathered at a media event in Manhattan Thursday, March 5. During the event, organized by the Brewers Association, publisher of, the brewery leaders talked about the beer community, mentoring, and the value of building strong relationships.

From Mari Kemper, who opened Thomas Kemper Brewing in Seattle with her husband in 1984 and now co-owns Chuckanut Brewery & Kitchen in Bellingham, to Tamil Maldonado Vega, who launched Raices Brewing in Denver five months ago, nine women reflected on topics ranging from the need for gluten-free beer to the surprising number of women working in Mexico and Turkey’s craft brewing industries. That said, much of the session revolved around ways the women make their US-based businesses more inclusive to females and ways they recommend women get ahead in their careers.

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External Investigation Concludes ‘Bias Does Exist’ at Minneapolis’ Indeed; Search Underway for HR Leader

Minneapolis-headquartered Indeed Brewing has struggled with internal bias against female employees and fostered an “‘us vs. them’ mentality” between leadership and rank-and-file staff, according to the findings of an external HR investigation the company published on its website last week.

To combat this, Indeed said it plans to hire a people and communities leader via a search that has already begun, overhaul its internal operations system, develop a management training program, and realign the internal company vision.

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UnderCurrants series unveiled by Firestone Walker’s Barrelworks

(Buellton, CA) – From the fields of Poland to the coast of California comes UnderCurrants — an inaugural cross-continental wild beer from Firestone Walker’s Barrelworks.

“We have been toying around with the idea of a currant-infused beer for several years now,” said Barrelworks’ Master Blender Jim Crooks. “We finally decided to strike when we were able to score beautiful whole black currants from a farmer in Poland, which is renowned as one of the world’s finest currant-growing regions.”

The result is a wildly flavorful beer that is bursting with rich currant goodness.

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The Best & Worst Beer in America—Ranked!

Though overall sales dropped in 2020, the American beer market was still valued at over $94 billion last year, according to the Brewer’s Association.

Beer has been a ubiquitous part of the American story since the earliest days and continues to be one of our nation’s most popular drinks today. As such, any ranking of the best beers in America is sure to create controversy. So we’re creating this list with taste as only one of many factors taken into account, and with things like sales volume, quality of ingredients, awards won, and other metrics all weighed as well.

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By Dylan Baldwin

Left = Oxidized and flat (cap didn’t seal)
Right = 👍🏼

This was not meant to be a comparison of identical beers, but simply a difference of carbonation in the pour between two hefeweizens from the same brewery (I realize I’m not a photographer).

As can be seen in the image on the left, this beer has no head and tasted of stale cardboard. Upon further inspection, I noticed the date stamp on the bottle said, “030920”.

The image on the right shows a beer with great carb and tasted delicious, as it should.