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Here is the link to Hops Direct. Stan has been using them and says the hops are great and the price is about half of what we have been paying. Let me know if you want to split a pound and I’ll try to work with you. (Goodales assumes this “split” part of the offer is only for Escambia Bay Brewers, since shipping to two locations would require extra charges, plus Pat probably doesn’t know you!)

Pat Johnson (Escambia Bay Brewers)

The Yeast… We Can Do

They’re trying to custom design how your internal organs work and it all has to do with programming DNA, working to create “on/off” switches: a DNA memory device of sorts using a vast number of genes and DNA/RNA components. One of the perks is that they may be able to trigger cells to both monitor and maintain glucose levels. For the diabetic? Nirvana.

How about an engineered virus that fights disease and illness?

What the hell does this have to do with beer?


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Club News: Music City Brewers

Nashville, TN area

Hi Club Members-
I wanted to make sure you guys knew about this cool offer that we can get.
In honor of Big Brew 2009, when join the American Homebrewers Association or renew your membership ( you will receive a free copy of Brewing Classic Styles by Jamil Zainasheff and John Palmer. Remember John is coming to our competition this year!

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From the Bottle Collection

Oregon Ales coaster
Oregon Ales coaster

Looking up at our vast collection that covers the walls I noticed Oregon Brown Ale. There were several Oregon Ales, and I remember them being interesting for the time. Not real aggressive by any means, but pretty much what would now be considered a BJCP judge’s idea of “to style,” for American versions of those styles. So during the mid 90s, when most Americans were still learning what they preferred, since the brewing boom to them must have seemed like it was just starting… maybe for the general public just a bit “aggressive?” Especially with a Blackberry Ale? Now I know the Brown and the Pale, the ones I remember the most, would probably slip somewhere between Anchor/ Sierra Nevada and the often (not always) less aggressive Shipyard. More towards Shipyard. Those who decide what goes into their bottles at Shipyard seem to be satisfied with keeping a few of Alan Pugsley’s somewhat dated recipes he brought back from England way back when. An unfortunate collective “yawn” sometimes, even when compared with the vastly bigger brew scene in New England.

Back to Oregon, which apparently is not even all that “Oregon.” Here is what one website says about the “brand…”

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From the Bottle Collection

I have well over 2,000 beer bottles; a few cans, lining my walls, in boxes to be put up on the walls… Honestly! I didn’t intend to become a collector. When the only beers in beer world in America were pretty much Bud, Miller and Bud/Miller wannabes, I found an odd beer. Not even sure what it was. I saved the bottle.

A few years ago my crumbling; 70’s built, modular needed new paneling, but the 1x3s underneath would never have tolerated the tear down/put back up strain. So to spiff up the mess we covered them with bottles.

Hence the collection, and this column. In here you will find old brands and what I found out by floating the search engine foam on the net. So grab your palette and hold on, cause “surf’s up, ale or lager dude!”

This edition: Prior Double Dark

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