It had been ages since I’d been to Freiburg. Good wine was the order of the day back when an old friend studied law here in the 1990s. But now I was back to pay more attention to Freiburg’s beer scene before venturing into the Black Forest for some beer hiking.

Close to Switzerland and the Alsatian region of France, Freiburg is a city of gabled roofs and brownstone buildings famous for its delicately wrought Gothic cathedral and its brooks (Bächle) that crisscross the Altstadt. The Münsterplatz, which wraps around the cathedral, is a bustling square lined with stately buildings and home to a farmers’ market held every day except Sunday. Shaded courtyards and narrow cobblestone lanes provide respite from the crowds and also from the summer sun in this, Germany’s warmest city.

The heat is one of the historical reasons for those Bächle burbling through town in their narrow stone channels. Once used to extinguish fires and provide water for livestock, the channels were constructed mainly as a form of cooling. Even if these valiant brooks may not be as effective against today’s temperatures, the sight and sound of them are refreshing, enough to cool you off by dint of suggestion. But watch your step as you wander through the Altstadt after a few beers. Local lore has it that if you accidentally step into a Bächle, you’ll marry a citizen of Freiburg!

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Blog Post Trio: Cologne, Dresden, Rothaus

Written by Franz Hofer

Hi everyone!

Last time I sent out a trio of blog posts, the northern hemisphere was melting. The same couldn’t be less true today in Vienna, where a blanket of snow has cast a hush over the city. Even if next spring or summer seems far away, it’s never too late to start planning your next beer travel adventure. If you prefer armchair travel, this German-themed trio has plenty for you, too.

Most folks who head to Germany for beer make a beeline for Bavaria, and with good reason. But German beer is much more than Bavaria. This trio introduces you to two large cities (Cologne and Dresden) and, via a beer hike, a regional brewery in the Black Forest (Rothaus). You can click on the links at the top of this email, or the ones right below.

Cologne and Its Kölsch: A Rough-and-Ready Guide

Dresden, Beer City on the Elbe Continue reading “Blog Post Trio: Cologne, Dresden, Rothaus”