Brewing Tips

This edition was written by Brandon Jones; a member of Music City Brewers.

Cheap and Easy All Grain

(LTS Editor’s note: The Score is a publication of Music City Brewers, where this article first appeared.)

I had another article written for The Score but at the last minute I decided this maybe more helpful to the club in this economy.

You don’t need me to tell you how tight money is these days. You also don’t need me to tell you that in most cases all grain brewing will produce better beer than all extract brews and extract kits. Those are two very good reasons to go all grain right now. The misconception with all grain brewing is the cost and the level of difficulty. Going all grain can and will save you money while producing the best beer possible on your brew day. You do not need a giant stainless brewing sculpture or to spend thousands of dollars on equipment. In fact you can start saving money on your first batch and the equipment needed will probably cost less than an extract kit.
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