The Little Beer That Could

Just how many curveballs can you throw at a brew and still make an award winning beer? Today we find out as we talk with IGOR Eric Pierce and explore all the craziness around his 2018 Sam Adams Longshot winning Grisette. Sit back and learn how a beer can come together!

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A Beer Judge’s Diary: A Judging Question

By Ken Carman
By Ken Carman
 My apologies to the good people at this competition. Like most competitions they do a great job with what they’re handed year after year: conditions change, locations have to change, as Dave Houseman once told me, “You do what you have to do.”
 I decided not to do an article directly on the competition because I was part of only two flights, two people, one day. But more important there was another story I need to tell; a story that required a certain amount of anonymity.
 I won’t tell you the name of the competition, where it was, when it was and only two names… and just first names. I’d appreciate some answers: like what else I could have done, or most important comments regarding how I handled it.
 First flight: very early afternoon, was Malty German Lagers. I was very happy: I judged with Dawn and she left enthused. She left interested in pursuing judging.  Success!
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Episode 76 – Having an Old Night Cap

So much stuff in this episode! One of our own wins big! Water! Hop Contest (Challenge us!) Australia! News! Lab Experiment! And listener Ralph Rice sent us his Altbier made with Mecca Grade Malts, so we sat down, tasted it and asked him questions! So sit back, grab a night cap and let’s go!

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A Beer Judge’s Diary: OFBB 2018

Apologies: my camera messed up in my phone and then the new system ay the library in Old Forge wouldn’t let me download pictures. The following is all I have

By Ken Carman
By Ken Carman
 Old Forge BIG Beer and Odd Ale is a competition Millie and I started, and have supported, since 2014. That makes this year our fifth anniversary. We are also supported by Saranac Brewing in Utica who always does a great job with judge gifts. Thanks Fred Matt and Cara!
 This year we had a smallest number of entries
Brian Josephson
since 14. We only had about 24 or 25 that year. This year we had 29. We shifted it into September and found ourselves in competing with too many other competitions and events. Next year that will change. Continue reading “A Beer Judge’s Diary: OFBB 2018”

The NW Icons: Part Two – The Rogue Brewing Nation

By Stephen Body
True Story: In the spring of 1992, my actress girlfriend and I, having worked at all the theaters we could reasonably travel to in the Southeast from our home in the Piedmont region of North Carolina, decided to take her sister and brother-in-law up on their kind offer (translation: “constant badgering”) of a temporary place to bunk in if we would move all the way across America to Bainbridge Island, Washington, just across Puget Sound from downtown Seattle. We had pets and two kids and a Toyota Camry and waaaay too much Stuff, so we hitched the car to a 28′ Ryder truck and set off across the map, as she was working at a theater in Mississippi and wouldn’t be able to join us until September.

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How “Dry Hop Creep” Causes Diacetyl In Beer and How Brewers Can Minimize The Risk

Steve 'Hendo' Henderson

Have you ever wondered why your perfectly good, diacetyl free IPA left your brewery in a good state only to find that it picked up diacetyl some time later?

In this article, I’m going to break down what may be happening in your beer.

Each month, Rockstar Brewer Academy members get together online for our Mastermind webinar where we discuss pertinent topics of the day.  They’re pretty awesome!

In August 2018, we discussed “Dry Hop Creep”, a phenomenon brought to my attention during Brewcon 2018 in Sydney, Australia.

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The NW Icons: Part One – Boundary Bay Brewing Company

Before beginning this series, let me offer the only disclaimer that matters at all in reading ANY list:

By Stephen Body

After ten years of writing this and its precursor in the Seattle P-I, I finally hit the wall this year and decided to stop doing anything called “Best Of”. Two reasons: A) ANY list – EVERY list – is nothing but the individual opinions of one person or an aggregated bunch of opinions from some group. The groups MAY, in what I would have to call rare cases, include people with tremendous acumen and experience. In MOST cases, though, it’s just a bunch of folks with an interest and viewpoints. And B) There is no “best”. Period. And if something does happen to be the best at the given moment, that status is guaranteed to change before the list is even posted, especially in all our distinct and dynamic American beverage cultures. New breweries, wineries, and distilleries are opening almost daily. Established under-performers are beginning to Get It and taking leaps forward.

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