One tastes like drinking isopropyl alcohol straight from a bottle mixed with black muck. The other a fight in your mouth between fruit and hops where the excessively bitter hops are beating the fruit to death.

If your local pub has Stone Enjoy by 7.4.24 more than likely you won’t enjoy. The pineapple and the tangerine are like second graders being beat up by 6th grade bullies on a playground. It molests your mouth. You really have to concentrate hard to get the fruit because the pineapple and tangerine are almost down and out. Don’t bother counting.

If your local pub had Firestone’s Parabola just go to your medicine cabinet and drink any brand name Isopropyl. The only difference will be the lack of malt. The better side to isopropyl will be death arrives sooner with less torment.

Look brewers, beer should have BALANCE. There are better high abv hazy beers out there where the added fruit can be savored, maybe even some of your own beers. There are better, even higher alcohol, Imperial Stouts out there. Maybe that one needs more aging? While not a stout, Sam Adams Utopia is 28% and, with moderation, wouldn’t make alcoholic Brian from Family Guy want to vomit. Quite tasty.

Each one deserves 4 out of 5 puking Brians.

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