Beer Profile: Devil’s Backbone’s Danzig Baltic Porter


Profiled by Ken Carman

Black as hell with some deep ruby highlights. Light tan foam head, about ½ inch thick. This looks quite dense, and deep. Slight ruby red highlights at the edges in a strong light. Can’t be seen through, other than that.

Aroma: nice deep roast, no hops, fresh smelling and a slight lager yeast sense. This bugger is packed with malts, and a lot of dark malts. But hard to pick them apart. No hop nose.

The magic here is in the mouthfeel and the taste. NOT aroma. DEEP , malt sense. Heavy gravity obvious. Thick. Chewy. Obviously tons of grain and slight lager yeast sense. Getting sulfur way in the background; very light. If not from the yeast, most likely, then water? Does not seem a defect, more just part of the lager sense. The malts are dark, yet not roasty in the same sense as one would get from a stout, or an out of balance Baltic. It’s more like a deep, debittered, dark malt sense.

This is one of the better Baltics I’ve had. It is Baltic, as one would expect from Devil’s Backbone which has several examples listed as a “classic of the style” on the 2015 BJCP guidelines.

85 BA. 97/90 RB.



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