Beer Tubes evolving quickly as fans, young and old, discover new ways to ”do the Tube”

Bar customers finding new ways to boost profits with Beer Tubes, as fans put the Tubes to the test at parties and sports leagues.

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(MMD Newswire) July 9, 2010 –  The evolution of Beer Tubes continues to gain momentum as new uses for the 100-plus ounce table top beverage dispenser are reported by bar managers and Tube fans around the world. Promotions involving the Beer Tubes are driving sales and increasing profit margins for bars and restaurants, as patrons looking for a good deal are “doing the Tube.” While those buying Beer Tubes for personal use are putting the Tubes through their paces at parties, tailgates and sports leagues.

Known for fun and value, Beer Tubes are receiving new praise for their convenience and versatility. “Folks are discovering that, at their core, the Tubes are a really cool beverage dispenser,” said David Stein, president, Beer Tubes. “Bar customers are coming up with new Beer Tube-related promotions all the time. And, we’re hearing about Tube sightings at parties and even tailgating at concerts.”

The Beer Tubes first appeared in bowling alleys and quickly earned their reputation for good fun and good value. They the Tubes gained acceptance in bars and restaurants throughout the world, based on two things: 1. delivering a good deal on beer and 2. having a sports tie-in. Most standard Tube bases are sports-themed, including baseball, football, basketball, soccer, racing, bowling and golf. In addition, Tubes are increasingly being used for soft drinks and mixed drinks to drive sales of those beverages as well.

Bar managers have quickly learned how the Tubes boost promotions, whether sports-themed or not. In addition to the more than 25 sports and specialty-themed bases, Beer Tubes are available with a customized, conical wrap base. After a successful single-store test that generated significant increases in draft beer sales, restaurant chain “Cheeseburger in Paradise” recently added a customized Tube to its bar menu chain-wide and features the Beer Tube in their TV commercial. Many bars and restaurants feature the Tubes as Happy Hour or game time specials as well.

“When folks see the Tube, the first question is always, ‘what’s that?'” said one Beer Tubes’ client. “When I explain that it’s basically two pitchers for $15, and the beer will stay cold for much of the game, the response is ‘we’ll do the Tube.'”

Personal use is also growing, causing the Tubes to expand on its beer heritage, as more Tubes are filled with lemonade, soda and sports drinks. “We started as Beer Tubes, but the transition to alternative uses is being driven by people finding new ways to use the Tube,” said Stein. “We’re customizing bases for weddings and special events, birthday parties and sports teams. The little leaguers fill it with sports drink, but the softball teams are sticking to a more ‘traditional’ use,” said Stein.

All Tubes have modular parts – the bases, taps and dispensers are interchangeable with any design – and are naturally insulated to keep beverages cold via a BPA-free, commercial grade copolyester.

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About Beer Tubes:
Beer Tubes is a company formed out of the desire to have a more functionally fun way to drink beverages together. David J. Stein and Jason M. Drum created this company and concept while participating in their local league bowling night. Currently they have more than 25 base designs, including patented sports and custom bases that are great for any social group, restaurant, bar or sports enthusiast.

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