Craft Beer is Booming in Nashville

This article does skip Market Street: the first in the new wave of breweries/brewpubs in Nashville.-PGA

Ask Kent Taylor about changes in the craft beer scene in Nashville, and he’ll take you back to 1994, when he co-founded Blackstone Brewing Company.

“It was Bud country,” he said. And even when he would serve guests his lightest beer, they would sometimes ask for a “real” beer instead. “We might have been ahead of our time.”

Cut to 2013 and you’ll find Blackstone joined by thriving craft breweries like the 10-year-old Yazoo Brewing Company, which had its highest volume in sales last month, and the 2-year-old Jackalope Brewing Company, which reached 100 percent production in October of last year and will add canned beer to its repertoire thanks to a mobile canning unit rolling into town this fall.

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