Hail the Growler Tree!

Reported by Ken Carman for Professor Goodales

With help from grizzlygrowler.com

There are fund raisers.

There are beer fund raisers.

Then there are great: innovative, fund raisers. Hence: the Grizzly Growler Tree.

Everyone likes to leave their fav brewpub or small micro serving room with a grwoler of their fav beer, right? Well eat your hearts out, Montana quaffers: Christian Claeys won The Growler Tree… a tree with growlers from most of Montana’s brewpubs planted on the tree’s limb like shelves at the Myrna Theater in Helena, Montana. Now he gets to travel around and fill those growlers.

One unfortunate note: no where could the writer find what the fund raiser was for. One would think this might be important.

If only those of us without kids could replace our Christmas trees and Santa delivered…

Word of warning: best not try to fill and personally empty them all in one day, Christian: this is an experience best savored over time!

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