Hops & Barley: Remember When Beer was FUN?

Courtest livepointbottleshop.com
Courtesy livepointbottleshop.com
I walk into the liquor store with my sunglasses still on and my head down. Hopefully no one will recognize me as I slowly drift past all the glistening craft beer bottles, heading toward the macro-beer cooler. An employee asks me if I need help as I’m opening the cooler door. “All set, thanks.”

As I walk toward the register with my cans of Red Dog, a cheap adjunct lager I used to drink growing up, I start to feel guilty. I quickly add a six pack of a micro-brew that I’ve never seen before and plop them both down on the counter. I drive away wondering about this odd pang of guilt.

There’s been a weird movement in the craft beer world that’s polarizing the beer scene: If you like craft beer then you must hate macro-beer. If you like macro-beer then you’re not one of us; you’re just a poser or at best an ignorant neophyte.

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