Stone Brewing.: Two Beautiful Barleywine Behemoths


Stone is better than your favorite local brewery. Unless you live in Milton, Delaware, or Bend, Oregon, or maybe Northwest Tampa, that statement is just true the way it’s true to say that Pope Benedict is a religious kind of guy or that Alex Rodriguez is a little misguided: a vast understatement.

I’m currently preparing a post called “America’s Best Beer Regions” and realized that, being brutally honest, the seven of the ten regions would have to be Out West. It’s just a fact that breweries become better over the long arc of a thirty year history than one that’s been around for three, five, seven years. Stone has been at it, now, for twenty years and, while they were good almost immediately, they are flatly spectacular now. I’m certain that Steve Gonzales, head of Stone’s small batch experimental brewing department, occasionally sees a test batch or two that just doesn’t work but whatever makes it into a Stone package is going to be exquisite. EX-QUIZ-ZIT, no exceptions.

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