Beer Profile: Dog Bite

Dog Bite High Gravity Lager
Rock Wall Brewing Company
Rochester, NY
10% abv

(Picture from brewer’s site.)

I always try to say something nice when I profile a beer. I suppose if you are into the cheap malt liquors that the big brewers tried to pawn off African Americans in the 70s it might be barely tolerable, reemphasizing “barely.” Even then… I’ve had plenty better.

Light urine yellow, clear with a giant rocky head: it’s looks OK. There’s that sulfur: lager sense to the aroma and taste I’ve never cared for to the extreme. Mouthfeel is carbonation and the edgy sense of high alcohols to come. The taste delivers that harsh, brash savor you get when the brewer is more interested in pumping up the % than taste. I’m guessing there’s corn in here and maybe even corn sugar to hype it up some more. Higher alcs rip the tongue and your whole mouth a new mouth: not pleasant.

Beer Advocate says “Genessee Brewing.” The real Genny went outa biz a long time ago. Sad to see the brewer, who I have noticed switches names of their brewery depending upon the packaging, is trying to outdo the worst breweries did back then. I’ve had high grav lagers before. Though I prefer ales, the lagers can be quite good. Bite isn’t, and “bites” is a bit more appropriate.

This one may fit the profile of the style, I admit. But even then; even though some harsh might be expected: still too damn harsh. And I’d bet good money Bite can produce one hell of a hangover. Maybe taking it all the way to 10% wasn’t a great idea?

It’s barely drinkable. But why would one bother anyway?

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