Beer Wars: Film company Lucasfilm Battles Empire Brewpub Over Brew Called ‘Strikes Bock’


beernewspgaSyracuse’s Empire Brewing Co. is facing an attack from a galaxy far, far away — Hollywood.

The Armory Square brewpub recently applied for a trademark on a beer it calls Strikes Bock. Lucasfilm, producer of such movies as Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back, has filed a legal notice that it opposes the trademark and the name.

Empire has been making the beer for about seven years, said owner David Katleski, but never applied for a trademark because it was only ever served on tap at the brewpub.

But Empire is now building a larger brewery in Cazenovia, where many of its popular beers will be bottled and labeled for sale in stores, restaurants and bars. That led Katleski to seek a trademark.

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