Booze for Breakfast and Other Ways Not to Look Your Best on the Beach

Written by Dee Gross for

It has been nearly two decades since either my husband or me have been to the beach.  So, this summer, we decided the time had finally come.  With the Black Tripel and Kolsch nestled in the kegerator, we packed the car and headed to Florida.

The first few days, we spent in Orlando.

By day, we did the usual tourist experience at Universal.  Pumpkin Juice tasted a lot like apple juice, but let me tell you, the Butter beer is everything Harry Potter promised it would be.  Though it is not the normal type of beer brewed by Husband, I still hold out hope that he will take it on as his next brewing project.  Fingers crossed.

 We stood in the lines, rode the rides, and took the campy pictures with all the other yahoos.  Husband also visited The Three Broomsticks and Hogs Head tavern to try the food and the local brews.. Yummy. It was a cliche delight.

By night, however, the Mad Scientist came out to play.

We indulged ourselves is some of the best culinary and drinking scene the city had to offer.  After gorging ourselves at The Chef’s Table the first day and filling ourselves to the brim at The Rusty Spoon the next.  Then we headed over to the local fancy watering hole suggested by one of our serves, The Courtesy.

It reminded me of a speak easy combined with an old school soda fountain.  We did not have any yeasty brews, but it was too good not to mention.

The third day in Orlando was filled with more Universal Adventures.  Including the Transformers Ride, so fun, and The Terminator 2 Ride, kicking it old school.  We also had lunch at the Ravenous Pig. The height of the day was going to the Treasure Tavern.  If you have a good sense of humor and like pirates variety shows, it is definitely worth the price of admission.  Husband was also delighted that our lovely “jewels” (or servers) also danced and sang in the show.

After thoroughly stuffing and exhausting ourselves in Orlando, we waddled our bloated bodies to Cocoa Beach. We had heard tales of Cocoa Beach being a party beach, so we were a bit nervous.  Instead, we were delighted to discover a friendly beach bum atmosphere.

The first day, we started off at the Tiki Bar and did not move off the beach.  I know many of you want to see Husband in a bathing suit.  Well, you will just have to log onto Facebook for that. ;o)

For dinner, we headed over to the Fat Snook.  Most of the time, I stuck to tropical drinks, but Husband could not live on fruity drinks alone.


He had Florida Lager and pilsner at the Fat Snook.



Then we tried some local sampling at Jazzy Mainly Lobster Shack.  I had a shipyard Summer ale




Husband had a shipyard export ale




Continuing our local theme, we were happy to discover the Cocoa Beach Brewery.  They had four beers on tap.  We were inspired to discover that only one brewer made all the beers for the brewery and stocked the shelves of local liquor stores.




 On our last day, we went to the Brevard Zoo and went on a hunt for the Florida Brewery.  Sadly, we only found their old abandoned location and discovered the new location was over an hour away.



There were so many adventures.  Many more than I could ever write about without exhausting your eyes.  It was a much needed reprieve, and we return to our awaiting brews.  The question remains… Is the Black Tripel a success or a mess?  Stay tuned.  Only time will tell.




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