Talking Hops with the Women of Craft Beer

t’s 2016, and while there’s still plenty of progress to be made, the world of craft producing (and enjoying) is treating itself like less of a boys’ club. As of two years ago, Nielsen research found that women make up 32 percent of this country’s brew-crushing population, with 21 percent of stateside craft breweries having women in top positions according to a study by Stanford. Here are five incredibly creative and talented female brewers and/or owners, who are responsible for some of the United States’ most exciting ales and lagers…

Kerri Dahlhofer, Co-Owner of B. Nektar (Ferndale, MI)

Kerri Dahlhofer with her bottle label designs.
Kerri Dahlhofer with her bottle label designs.
Photographer: Kerry Trusewicz

Your primary flavor is mead — what has it been like since B. Nektar acquired its brewing license to craft beer?

We like to make meads that combine interesting flavors in a magical way and we apply that same philosophy to our beer. It’s a much bigger market to compete in and you have to differentiate yourself. Two of our best brews are the Sage Lime Wit and the Jasmine Green Tea Belgian IPA. They’re a hit but it’s hard to meet demand on a one-barrel [31 gallon] system. It feels like it did when we first opened. We were new, small and kept trying to keep up with the demand.


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