Club Update: Escambia Bay Brewers

I am leaving for the South Florida & the Keys tomorrow and will not be back till the 15th or so. Jim Martin, Rex and Gary have agreed to be at my shop this Saturday between 11:00am and 1:00pm to dispense grain orders for those that need their grain before I get back. That’s a 2 hour window so don’t be late or you’ll be out of luck. I’ll send out the pricing tomorrow when I get the grain so you can be ready when you pick it up. If you don’t have a check I can’t say if there will be any change available. Checks should be made out to EBH.

Pat Johnson
St Pats party at Mark Robertsons place on Lakeview is Sat March 12th. Party starts at 2PM. Early Birds are OK. We need a head count for food prep. If you have not already done so, please RSVP to me ASAP. Bring Beer & bring a dish or snack food. Jim

Gumbo cook off at Seville is March 19th. Club will buy your entry ticket if you sign up. head cooks are Sean & Jim. Please let me know if you can bring beer. We ran out at the chili cookoff. RSVP ASAP. If you RSVP and cannot come, please notify me so that club does not spent money for nothing. More details later. jim

Brew club St Pat’s party will be March 12th at Mark Robertson’s home on Lakeview. See club website for directions. Bring beer and a dish or munchie to go with brats & corned beef. Party starts at 2PM, but Mark says come early if you want to. Please RSVP if you plan to attend. Mark is very busy these days so send the RSVP to me. We need a head count for food prep. jim
Urgent…..We have an opportunity to order grain right away if we get the order in by he weekend. Hal will be out of town so he asked me to coordinate the order/pickup. I will be out of town from March 3rd or 4th till the 14th so the window for ordering is short and the window for pickup will be even shorter (if you want it before the 14th).

I will take orders for FULL bags only and orders must be in before this Saturday at noon. If you want to split a bag find someone and go in with them but only one of you should order and pick it up. Send the orders by email to me.

Pat Johnson
As of this date all payment for grain will have to be made by check payable to EBH.

Let me know if this is a problem for any of you. So far these are the orders I have received for grain. This will be the last reminder to order grain so respond immediately if you want me to add to the order below. The price of grain is less than half of that available on the Internet so take advantage of the deal. Those that ordered make sure your order is reflected correctly below and let me know if it needs to be changed. There are some smaller quantities of grain (partial bags) available from among the membership and they are……

* Grain available in less than full bag quantities
* Honey malt
* Crystal 60
* Munich 10L
* Vienna malt
* Carapills
* Aromatic
* Victory

Grain to be ordered
Casey 1 bag of 2-row
Buddy 1 bag of 2-row
” 1 bag of Pilsner
Sean 1 bag of 2-row
Dave Boeker 1 bag of 2-Row
Richard Harris 2 bag of 2-Row
Gary Yetter 3 bags of 2-Row
Kelly Greenfield 1 bag of 2-Row
Blake Jochum 1 bag of 2-Row
Mike Obien 1 bag of 2-Row (Paid Pat already)
Club grain 1 bag of 2-Row
Pat Johnson
Congrats to Sean for placing 3rd in category 21 – Spice/Herb/Vegetable Beer with his Black Sheep Chocolate Stout, and to Me for placing 2nd in category 9 Scottish and Irish Ale with my Big Red- Irish Red Ale. Don’t forget to enter your beers now for the competition, The 18th Annual Peach State Brewoff.

Cheers – Gary


• Mike O’Brien sent the link below to me. I think the Pensacola Bay Brewery is looking into it because of the crowds of beer drinkers that have discovered the new Brewery in downtown Pcola.

Pat Johnson

Gumbo Update

We have 2 teams for the gumbo cook off March 19. Sean, Isaac, & Andrew (Isaac is Sean’s dad) Jim, Rick S , & Meagan More info & details in a few weeks jim ____________________________________________

After getting everyone’s input it looks like the best date will be Sunday March 20th. We’ll get things started at 11AM, not to early, and we’ll brew at Pat’s shop. I’ll send out a reminder as we get closer. In the meantime, if you know of anyone else who would like to attend, please send me an e-mail. – Gary

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