From the Bottle Collection

Without intent, I have collected well over 1,000 beer bottles since the early 70s. When something finally had to be done about the cheap paneling in this old modular, I had a choice. Tear down the walls while, oh, so carefully, replacing the often rotted 1X3s. Or: cover them with… The Bottle Collection.

Frog N’ Hound Pub Ale

What possesses a pub/bar owner to have someone brew a bland beer when there’s plenty of “bland” to be had? I mean you’d think you’d want something distinctive, but no… so many: not all, are mediocre’ ale versions of Bud. Showing the owner really doesn’t understand those who love craft beer… or that those who drink bland swill may be convinced to “try” in this case… but their brand loyalty trumps good taste and common sense.

Such is the case with Frog N’ Hound, if I remember right. I am assuming it was brewed for a pub, since I had it at a place of the same name, once again “if I remember right.” Been a while. Sadly I seemed to remember it may have been brewed by the brewer at one of the best brewpubs on the east coast, in Willimantic, CT. If so I can’t fault the brewer: I know him… he’s damn good.

Probably brewed this way “by request.” Not “horrible,” just not worth the sip. Then, on a recent visit to Willimantic, I found out that the main brewer for Frog N’ Hound wasn’t David, thank the beer Gods. Since he was stuck in the brewery I didn’t get a chance to ask what he did know about it, And the bartender acted as if I was as ancient as a mummy for even having quaffed Frog N’ Hound. I didn’t dare tell her about the dusty as a mummy bottles from the Bottle Collection: some from the 60s and 70s.

Oh, wait, I did tell her. See what drinking really good beer does?

Frog N’ Hound had a nice label, but that was about it.

Stop by Willimantic Brewing instead. Oh, and expected to see pictures of Willimantic soon, just to further tempt you to stop by. Anything from their taps would be a far, far better quaff than…

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