The Wynkoop introduces Tut’s Royal Gold

Written by Rick Blankemeier

The Wynkoop is releasing a special beer brewed in conjunction with the Tutankhamun The Golden King and the Great Pharaohs exhibit that runs June 29 – January 11, 2011 at the Denver Art Museum.

Tut’s Royal Gold is an unfiltered “Imperial Egyptian Ale” of about 6% ABV made with pale malts, ancient fermentables (honey, wheat, teff) and a handful of spices including tamarind, coriander, grains of paradise, orange peel and rose petals.

The beer is fermented with a wheat beer yeast and is served unfiltered for extra, (very) old-school authenticity.

The beer will be released at 6:30 PM on June 30 at Wynkoop Brewing Company in a special tapping party in conjunction with the Denver Art Museum.

Royally refreshing and suited for summer quaffing and special occasions, Tut’s Royal Gold features a translucent gold color, spicy nose and soft body. The beer’s malt and wheat flavors are accented by additional layers of flavor from the beer’s rich array of ingredients.

Tut’s Royal Gold was created by Wynkoop head brewer Andy Brown.

“We wanted to create a beer,” Brown says, “that echoed what ancient Egyptian royalty might have consumed back in Tut’s day. It’s a hybrid beer inspired by Egyptian ingredients, but brewed with the benefit of 3,000 additional years of brewing science.”

Next week the beer will be on draft at the brewpub’s allied establishments: Wazee Supper Club, Cherry Cricket, Pearl Street Grill, Gaetano’s and Goosetown Tavern (all in Denver) and Phantom Canyon Brewpub in Colorado Springs.

“Ancient Egyptians were the first society to perfect the brewing process,” notes the Denver Art Museum’s Kristy Bassuener, “and legends say that the deity Osiris taught humans to make beer for ceremonial and after-work sipping.”

“Wynkoop Brewing Company’s brew masters channeled Osiris with this beer,” Bassuener adds. “It will make patrons feel like Egyptian royalty and help engage exhibit goers in our citywide King Tut celebration.”

From June 30 through September, customers who purchase Tut’s Royal Gold and any other Wynkoop beer at Wynkoop Brewing Company (and its allied restaurants) get a coupon for $3 off a ticket to the Tutankhamun The Golden King and the Great Pharaohs exhibit.

For details and tickets to the exhibit visit the King Tut website.

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